Silver Sands – About the Brand

The Silver Sands brand has been in operation since 1999, with the introduction of our exciting casino software to the South African market. Growing steadily in size through extensive marketing campaigns, including internet advertising sites, radio, and TV, Silver Sands quickly grew into a powerful brand in South Africa.

Aggressive sponsorships of national television programs (including the world acclaimed “Big Brother”), and prime time advertisements on both radio stations and televisions, ensured the brand name grew to household status, and indeed changed the face of online gaming in South Africa.  In addition to marketing and branding exercises, Silver Sands sponsored numerous charity events, and donated large sums to popular charity causes. This, in conjunction with planned VIP and Millionaire parties ensured the brand maintained a trusted status amongst it players.

With the introduction of a multiplayer poker platform in 2003, Silver Sands once again rose to the challenge of creating a safe environment for active online casino and poker players, establishing a relationship with players that went well beyond the norm. By cementing an association of trust with the Silver Sands name, and ensuring prompt payouts and high customer satisfaction, Silver Sands soon eclipsed any competitors to become the biggest online gaming brand in South Africa.

By branching out to Europe in 2006 and other parts the world, including Asia and the rest of Africa, Silver Sands strives to bring that same excellent customer service record and quality of product that our existing customers have come to know and love to the rest of the world, our aim to exceed our customers expectations and become a worldwide brand associated with trust, exciting casino and poker games, and surpassing our competitors with our loyalty to our customers and a safe, reliable online gaming experience.